Review/Giveaway: Best of Three by Erin Nicholas

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Review/Giveaway: Best of Three by Erin NicholasBest of Three by Erin Nicholas
Series: Counting on Love #3
on November 19th, 2013
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Sometimes it takes a couple of tries before you get love right.

Counting on Love, Book 3

Emma Dixon is known for getting in over her head—and having a great time doing it. She’s aware her shenanigans rub Nate Sullivan the wrong way, but getting a rise out of the cocky surgeon is one of her favorite pastimes. Truth be told, exasperated looks aren’t the only things she wants from the guy.

Nate has no intention of taking another trip down the falling-in-love road. Women are carefully compartmentalized—to his bedroom. Women who don’t mind his take-charge tendencies. Women very different from sassy, sexy, independent Emma.

But his usual strategy of arguing with Emma to keep from kissing her goes out the window when his son falls in love with her friend’s daughter. Emma sees a normal teenage romance. Nate sees his plans for the boy’s future ruined.

As Nate tries to derail the relationship, Emma runs interference, putting herself directly in the path of the chemistry that grows stronger every time they butt heads. And that could very well lead to the best surprise of all.

Product Warnings
Contains a guy who knows exactly who he is and what he wants and a girl who’s going to change his mind about, well, everything. Plus inappropriate use of chocolate cake (of course, that depends on your definition of inappropriate).

Erin should re-name this book Best of Everything. She has her typical humor that I just love. I mean, how can you not love when she opens the book with Emma asking Nate why he doesn’t ask her to take her clothes off? I love how she can naturally add humor in her books and it doesn’t seem forced. It just works. And we have conflict. Can’t have a romance book without some conflict. We are women and like to read about things that we may have/are experiencing and see how it all plays out. There is a couple conflicts in the book, one being a bit of a doozy but awesome at the same time, and the other is Nate’s issue with his son’s new girlfriend. He’s afraid that Michael is deviating from the path that Nate wants him to take. It’s a struggle of wills and basically having a parent know when to let go. I still can’t believe Nate has an eighteen year old son. He’s still a sexy man!

And then there’s the romance factor. We’ve seen in the first book of the series, She’s the One, the back and forth snipping and getting on each other’s nerves Emma and Nate are always seeming to do. I think it’s funny that no one really sees the sexual tension that is flying between the two. Apparently they were just that good. Of course at the end of She’s the One, Emma is in an accident and Nate is the one to patch her up and there is a scene when she’s in therapy that kind of opened people’s eyes about what might be lying under the surface. Oh! And another Erin treat she likes to throw in her books, other than smokin’ hot sex, is food/drink used during sex. I’ll tell you I will never look at chocolate cake the same way ever again! 😉

Even with all the sexy fun and humor, we were still given a small peek at what is to come in Going for Four with Cody and Olivia. And ladies that have read this series and love Connor, we get to see a softer side that made me complete mush in his hands. I can’t freaking wait for the final two in the series.

This series is beyond magnificent and I can’t read them quick enough. Not that I haven’t tried to bribe her otherwise. 😉 I know when this series ends, I’m going to have a big void that will need filling by more of Erin’s addicting books!


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