Review: Highland Fling by Shelli Stevens

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Review: Highland Fling by Shelli StevensHighland Fling by Shelli Stevens
Series: The McLaughlins #4
on September 30th, 2014
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Sleeping with her boss can only lead to trouble. And pleasure.

"The McLaughlins, Book 4"

Delonna comes by her Scottish-style frugality honestly-her parents' spendthrift ways once left her temporarily homeless. She's been tending bar at McLaughlin's Pub, looking forward to the day she can call her own shots. Until her now ex-boyfriend makes off with her hard-earned savings. Now she's got a bookie breathing threats down her neck in an apparent attempt to squeeze blood from a turnip.

Aleck McLaughlin has three good reasons to keep his hands off the delectable Delonna. One, he's her boss. Two, she's a good ten years younger. Three, he's sworn to never again leave his heart vulnerable.

Her predicament sends all those reasons out the window, and Aleck moves her in with him for protection, then whisks her away on a whirlwind trip from Whidbey Island to Scotland.

The romance of being in Edinburgh only increases their need for one another. But it quickly becomes clear they're facing a past that's just as painful as the present is dangerous...

Warning: A sexy, broody, pub owner determined to seduce his flirty, bombshell bartender. Not-so-hidden dangers, travels to Scotland, and maybe a little spanky panky.

Can we start off by talking about how damn SEXY this model on the cover is?!?! I don’t know who her cover artist is, or where that person finds the models, but they do an excellent job for sure.

Alright, now that my mind is sort of out of the gutter, Highland Fling was an impatient wait for me. I loved the first three and was very much looking forward to the oldest McLaughlin. Large and in charge and alpha to the max. Everything I love in a man. Oh and that accent. Swoon! But it wasn’t just the physical attributes of Aleck that I loved. He is so protective of those he loves. And even though he was trying to keep his distance, Delonna’s situation brought out all his protective instincts. I love tough guys with a gooey center.

Delonna was great. I really liked her in the previous books; she’s a strong female character who doesn’t like relying on other people to make it in the world. And she seems like she’d be someone I’d love to call a friend. I felt a little sorry for her having to go through some issues, but not so sorry because she gets to roll around in the sack with that sexy piece of man meat.

The story itself was wonderful. I loved being able to see the whole McLaughlin family. This was a very good end to the story.

Posted July 14, 2015 by redreviewsit in Contemporary Reviews, Favorite Authors, Reviews, Romance, Samhain / 0 Comments


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